Lumbar Pain Ambient Song
Feedback Loop Depression Ambient Loop
Let It All End Industrial Song
Auuugh yeah, folks Ambient Song
Fat Balding Ambient Song
No Life Loop Ambient Loop
Anhedonia Ambient Song
Japanese Sewer Level Ambient Song
Jah Wobble Ambient Song
I Don't Want to Hurt You Indie Song
Dead Bird Society Ambient Song
Muppet(s) Indie Song
French Bread Ambient Song
Autechre Ambient Song
Ditch Digger Ambient Song
Casio Hell Ambient Song
Salt Water Taffy Ambient Song
Stasis Ambient Song
Boned Indie Song
Kierkegaard Indie Song
Finally Normalized Indie Song

2008 Submissions

Codeine Ambient Song
Solo(s) Indie Song
Meningioma Ambient Song
One Week Indie Song
Western Pig Bludgeoner Indie Song
Oatmeal Cookies Indie Song
Fatherless Indie Song
II- The Next Day Was Tolerable Indie Song
I- Tonight Was Bad Indie Song
All The Hipsters Are Dead Indie Song
Ice Cream Castle Indie Song
Coffee on the Fire Escape Indie Song
Ghost Botonist Indie Song
Scheuermann's Kyphosis Indie Song
Dead Inside. Indie Song